Sarah robbins slabire

sarah robbins slabire

Very useful. Full review to come on blog. It not only has training schedules, but funny antidotes along the way of why you should follow a certain schedule and how it's worked for other runners.

sarah robbins slabire

They talk about many practical parts of running and juggling life, whether you are a mother or not. They also go over some sarah robbins slabire sensitive issues, that some others may not talk about. They call it TMI Tuesday and some of the subjects are things like chafe, going commando and various other things that happen in weird places.

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The book even comes in The only thing I can say that I did not like about this book is that they sarah robbins slabire question and answer sections scattered throughout. While I like the idea and love the input from other runners, I wish they were concentrated at the back of each chapter instead of being randomly placed, since that meant I had to stop what I was reading to read them instead, so it broke the flow of my concentration.

But that is my only complaint. Otherwise, this was an enjoyable book!

I give it 4 stars. I would recommend this book to a friend in a heartbeat!

sarah robbins slabire

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